The Cost of Replacing Your Windows

Most home-owners don’t decide to replace their windows out of a desire to renovate their houses or change its style, but out of necessity because there is a rift somewhere or the window frame has deteriorated.

They generally look for the cheapest option without being fully informed about what they are paying for. Most of the time, the cheapest option is just a cosmetic fix that doesn’t address the underlying issue. It’s fine if you want that, but you should be fully informed before doing so. Here are a few pointers that will help you estimate the cost of your fixes and what you’re paying for: 

What’s Your Problem and What Type of Installation Will You Choose?

Depending on why you’ve decided to change your windows, you can choose one of these two types of installation:

  • Retrofit Installation: this is the bare minimum renovation where the frames, jambs and brickmould remain in place, and only the windows get replaced. Retrofit installation is quite a good deal cheaper compared to a full-frame replacement. However, you’ll only get new windows, and the structure around it and all of its fault will remain unfixed. Most window frames in old houses are rundown and have moisture damage.
  • Full-frame installation: this is the option you choose when you want to do a complete replacement. A full-frame installation would fix any issue you might have with your window. It’ll also grant you a lot more freedom when it comes to designs and types of windows, so it is usually worth the higher price tag.

Double Pane or Triple Pane

Whether you are looking for windows and doors in Edmonton or Victoria, getting suitable windows are largely dependant on your area. Windows must have a certain energy rating to qualify for use in different Canadian climate zones. Window companies in Edmonton would generally stock up on triple-pane windows (because of their higher energy rating), and it’ll be cheaper to get double-pane windows in Victoria.

Optional Features

Aside from the bare-bones, there are a couple of features that you can add to your windows that will make your windows more useful:

  • Gas-Fills: Insulated Windows have their glass filled with gas instead of normal air. This decreases heat loss, reduces condensation, and lets less noise come through.
  • Low-E Coatings: A low thermal emissivity coating significantly reduces heat loss and prevents UV rays from coming through.

These extra options will add 10 to 20% to your overall cost, but they are necessary to keep your home warm and prevent the heating bills to stack up.

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