How to Dispose of Tyres

There are not many ways to get rid of old and used tyres. The most common thing people tend to do is to recycle them. Tyres are very harmful to the environment because they cannot be broken down like biodegradable material. They remain in the environment, cause pollution and occupy valuable space. These are some guides on how to dispose of tyres without having to cause harm to your surroundings.

One of the safest ways to get rid of tyres is to use them for something else. You can transform your backyard into a modern piece of art with them as demonstrated below.

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Take a spade and draw out lines through your backyard.

The lines should show possible walkways, lawn and barbeque areas, and a possible playground of your children.

With this clear view of your entire backyard, it should be easy for you to decide where to place the tyres. Some areas such as a portable flower garden may not benefit much from this project, so try to target area that are wider instead.

Use the spade to dig out a trench similar to a foundation of a house.

Follow the line you drew initially.
For instance: if you made a circle around your lawn, the trench should also form a circle.

The depth and width of the trench should correlate with the size of tyres you use. If you have different sizes group your tyres according to their sizes. Larger tyres will be best suited for wider areas such as children’s playground. Smaller tyres will carve out nice walkways and a driveway for your car.

It is best to dig a trench that is long enough to accommodate as many tyres as you have.

So, if you have four tyres, dig out a trench that is long enough for four tyres. When you get more tyres, continue digging and placing the tyres in it.

Your trench should be as deep as half of the total diameter of the tyre.

Place the tyre in the trench and cover it with soil. Tap the soil enough (with your hands or spade) to make the tyre nice and sturdy.

For areas such as driveways, you may want to make the tyres more rigid.

So, be sure to place them deeper in the soil by digging a deeper trench. Just make sure only about one third of the tyre sticks out.

If they stick out too much, you might bump into them when you drive in or out of your yard. Bumping into them may ruin the general design and may require you to overdo everything.

It may take a while to complete the whole project.

It all depends on how frequent you change your tyres. When you are finished, add finishing touches to your project. Perhaps you could add different paints to the tyres around your kiddies’ playground to make them look more appealing.

There are not many ways to get rid of tyres. As a motorist, they may pile up overtime and occupy your space. At some point you will have to find a way to get rid of them. This may be the best way to do so without harming the environment. Your family, especially children, will thank you for it.

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