How to choose the best kitchen company

Renovating your kitchen is a time-consuming and expensive commitment, and the kitchen company you choose will be the difference between a failed operation where you’ll incur extra costs and having to renovate again in 5 years and a worry-free operation will you know how everything happens in advance and get high-quality furniture. Here’s how you can choose a trustworthy company that will make the renovation go like the latter:


This might sound like common sense, but the company’s location is absolutely crucial. The renovation will include a lot of logistic and back-and-forth procedures. If you live in Battersea, London, a company that provides bespoke kitchens in Battersea will be much more practical than a company that provide kitchen designs on the other side of London. 


The two crucial qualities you need to look out for are transparency and honesty. Kitchen renovations are a lucrative business that is important to home-owners, which is why some companies will do everything you want and then saddle you with a bunch of extra costs. Go on your favourite review website and check how people describe them, and if you see a couple of reviews complaining about extra costs, that’s an indication you should look elsewhere.


Arguably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a company. Experience isn’t just a number on the about-us page, it reveals a lot about the company. If you have a non-standard kitchen layout and want custom kitchen cabinets or a made to measure kitchen (a type of kitchen design that ideally uses your kitchen’s space completely), the service you’ll get directly depends on the company’s experience. A newer company is usually cheaper, but they don’t have experience dealing with non-standard kitchens and hiring them will be a gamble.


Make sure the company you choose will be able to fulfil all of your requirements:

  • Materials: hardwood, plywood, and MDF are all valid choices when you decide which material to make your cabinets from, but not all companies offer every kind of cabinet. If you’ve already decided on a material, make sure your company offers.
  • Bespoke and period kitchen: period designs make your kitchen look like a historical period, and they are increasingly becoming popular. Not every company offers these services, and some that do, don’t have the sufficient experience to make something unique for your kitchen, so you should be particularly careful if you decide on this type of kitchen.

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