Attic Conversion Stairs & windows choices, reviews

Attic conversion stairs and window choices

Are you planning a loft renovation?

Or maybe you are just planning on building a house with an attic?

If you are planning on doing either one of these two, you may want to have a look at what windows or stairs you will be choosing from.

Making a choice

In order to plan which stairs or windows to choose for your loft, you must first determine whether it will be a storage room or a bedroom.

A bedroom will need to be provided with more demanding details then a storage room. Choosing a bedroom, you may want to consider stairs instead of a folding loft ladder. Also, thermal insulation roof windows would be a good choice.

However, a lot of us decide to choose a storage room in order to add additional space in our homes. This room will not be used on a daily basis and there`s no need to worry about the details.

Bedroom decisions

If you have decided to renovate your old loft into a bedroom, then you need to also make a decision on the type of loft stairs. A staircase would be the best idea, knowing that the bedroom is where you spend half of your day.

Sunlux Ltd provides a variety of attic conversion stairs. You can choose between three different kinds of staircases, e.g:

  • wooden staircases,
  • metal staircases,
  • premium loft staircases.

Keep in mind that implementing roof windows won`t be a bad idea. You will provide additional light to the room and as well as give the illusion of the room being bigger.

Additional space

Renovating your loft to make an additional storage room for your home is definitely a good idea. Not only will you gain extra space, but you also won`t spend a fortune on a renovation.

One of the most important things you must remember about converting your loft into a storage room is the lighting. Providing roof windows or skylights from each side of the roof will give you additional light instead of extending electricity cables.

Loft stairs for storage rooms can be found on Sunlux Ltd. The most common choice customers decide to go for are folding wooden loft ladders because they can be easily hidden in the ceiling. Also, loft ladders allow us to have more floorspace than having a staircase.

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